Annual General Meeting 2017 minutes

AGM Feb 13 2017

Meeting commenced 19:07, adjourned 20:50pm.



GB – Lewisham Tenants Fund (LTF)







Previous years AGM meeting minutes were agreed.

MK – R was found not to be eligible as Chair, another meeting was held in December, elections for Chair and Vice Chair took place.

RJ – proposed we accept the minutes.   Agreed by show of hands.

Annual report shared by RC.  Download it here.

GB – what is the projector for?

RC – sharing meeting agenda, meeting slideshows, film nights, shared with renters, etc.

RJ – re: major works, we’ve had a bill but no works are finished?

RM – was an estimate, no bills have been received

MK – work is still ongoing.

MK – we’ve attended lots of meetings re: Tidemill redevelopment. Directly affecting our residents, SL has been helping, meeting with Family Mosaic – developer 27/02/2017

YD  – will they knock down anything?

MK – no, but the impact of loss of light will greatly affect residents.

SL – Reginald Road block will be knocked down. Social housing quota will include residents that had been in knocked down buildings.

RJ  – building is large.  Has there been any consultation?

MK – yes, much consultation.  AT has a lot of info but isn’t here



MK – regular updates re: Tideway tunnel, we have a lot of contact with them, a meeting is scheduled for 07 March.  There will be a lot of drilling, notices are up re: Deptford Church Street.  Tunnel is very deep, under Farrer House lawn.  Trees on Crossfields Green are gone; Adam Platt.

TE – when will the green be cut off?  I’d like the raised beds

MK – will find out.  Greenwich Councillors go to these meetings, but no representation from Lewisham Councillors which is disappointing.

RJ – should the CRA write to Councillors?

GB – write to the Mayor to complain. Elections are coming up.


RM – online communication.  Has been brought up in panel meetings.  Andrew Potter says no residents will be left behind in regards to online communications.  The CRA is leaving its residents behind by using online communication.  The CRA needs a phone, if the committee will not give out their personal phone numbers.

SL – discuss as any other business

RJ – on Holden House green, we had 20 trees, but now 16 trees.  They say the light is bad (not enough light), so they cut them down.

MK – have talked about in walkabouts.  We are on the list to receive tree trimming.  The two new trees are low growing.

RJ  – can we stick this information on the notice boards?  I didn’t know about it.


Air quality

MK – air quality monitors are in the local area, one at APT.  They need wifi, aren’t mobile.  We are contributing as an estate. There are some around the area, near the high street as well.  The council has the data, we want Goldsmiths to have the data from the high street and Thames Tunnel monitors as well.


Browne House drains

SL – TW mapped all drains on the estate, most are now adopted by TW.  There are a few drains that have not been adopted, including Browne House and Frankham.  JP still chasing this.



TE – compost – veg peelings only. Bins in the wild garden area beside Browne House

SM – there was a compost near Cremer, in the land which has been given by LC.  Would like to build one

YD – do we have a contract with the gardens and estate?

MK – yes, we have a new contract

SM – the fence near my allotment has collapsed, should I repair it myself?

MK – apply to the CRA for gardening fund money

RJ – gardening and estate maintenance, people keep complaining. They were cutting above the iron bars, when the reason for planting was to have privacy and keep pollution out.  They stopped.

SL – want to keep the hedge high.

RM – wanted it lower to have more light.  Top should be cut straight across, not level with the ground, so the hedge looks better.  Need the height as well.

RJ – gardeners are not qualified gardeners, just labourers

GB – since LH has taken garden maintenance back in their control, they are actual gardeners.

TE – things are much better since LH took back in-house, e.g.,beds near Browne are treated better now


Annual Accounts

MK provides comprehensive financial update.

MK – Accounts for CRA and Pink Palace were separate but have now been consolidated. We have accounts for 18 months-worth of accounts for the PP. Income stated. Two lots of funding via LTF. Questions taken

RM – repairs should fix any issues with the PP

MK – they no longer do all repairs on community centres.

RJ – they used to, but they recharged for it.


Elections – EF

EF – All committee members now step down.  If you want to stand, you must be a tenant or leaseholder.  You must have no arrears.  You must be over 18.

RJ – if you receive a benefit, people have been told they cannot stand.  Is this true?

EF – no, that is not true.

RJ – last elections they said you couldn’t


Nominations for Chair

SL – nominate RC.


Vice Chair –

RM – nominate S

Ram – SL?

MK – R?

(no VC chosen)


MK. Unanimous.

Secretary –

No one stands.

RM – B?

RC as well – unanimous

VC, acting – JP

Area panel reps

SL – unanimous

Block reps

Wilshaw – RM, Claire

Cremer – Sarah

Congers –

Farrer – Nick

Browne – Jessica

Holden – Sue

Castell – Joao?

Finch –

Frankham – Brigitte


Other Business

Car Parking

PS – Builders are taking advantage.  Chosen ACE Security, which has done business with the councils.  What are the benefits?

MK – 1000 new residents in new developments with no parking

TE  – ACE parking system is awful, though we need parking controls

PS – ACE are an awful company.

MK – we have brought it up with local construction companies but they can do nothing.

EF – contractors do park here but they will leave the area when building works are done.  Residents will struggle to park when people move into the new developments

TE – parking controls are needed, but this company is the problem

RJ  – do you have proof that this company is corrupt?

PS – Why choose ACE?

EF – they are already on contract with LH on other estates.

PS – They need to make a profit.  They do not care about the estate.

TE – there is no grey area – the law is in their favour.  People will fall foul of bad practices from this company

PS – why choose this particular company?

EF – the parking company was chosen at management level.

PS – why was there no consultation this time?

RC – To summarise, we are not opposed to parking control,  but we are unhappy with the choice of parking management company

EF – you can have two permits per household out of permanent or visitor.  Will ask about workers permits

PS – PACE also manage parking. I have personal dealing with them and they are unscrupulous.

EF – we can monitor the situation via walkabouts.

RC – to summarise, what is the appeals process.  Can we choose another company if this one is considered unsuitable?

EF – Frankham house should be the same parking as the rest of the estate

RM – there are restrictions on size of cars parking in the estate

EF – parking should be enforced by March

RC – can the CRA contact ACE parking directly?

EF – we do monitor this.

JP – can we request via freedom of information, any complaints LH has received via other estates?

BC – re: the separated car parking, can we keep separate?

EF – Frankham has too many cars and not enough space, whereas the estate has more spaces.

PACE and ACE – same company


Emergency Repairs

Lights in Holden – were out for 3 days

RJ – light was cut off for 3 hours.  Was scary.

SL – called but was given no reference number, tweeted our councillor who emailed and called and got a reference number.  Lights came on on one side, but not the other two sides.  Lights are on tonight. Seems like the fact that it was public helped to get repair done.  Emergency repairs don’t seem to cover lights in stairwells.

RM – water was leaking in a light, emergency repairs will not deal with it until an accident happens

SL – very slow response

MK – water pouring out from the water tank on the roof.  3 days of complaining, was subcontracted out.  What level of agreement do we have with them? What is their response time?  Wasteful, dangerous.  Has happened 3 times in 2017 already.

RM – overflows have happened for years.

BC– used to have the same problem at Frankham, LH changed contractors, and things have been much better since

SL – are we paying for each job when nothing is fixed?

YD – is there a list of all the companies that LH have contracts with?

SL – drains – family had a backed up toilet, TW should have been fixing drains but a local plumber was doing it.

EF – perhaps someone from repairs and maintenance can attend this meeting.  If not, they can provide a list of jobs they do.

Changes to the Residents Association constitution

There has been a recent consultation regarding the rules surrounding Residents Associations across Lewisham, which has been shared with us.

The main changes are:

  • Office Bearers are no longer restricted to Lewisham Homes residents, and can also be sub-tenants
  • Membership is open to all who want it but voting rights are only given to residents who live in the catchment area

Read a draft of the new constitution here and a spreadsheet showing feedback received from other estates.

If you have any feedback, please email us or post below.

TfL funding secured for Deptford High Street

The CRA received a letter from Lewisham Council about some funding that has been granted which we’d like to share with you:

On 1 December TfL gave the go-ahead for the Deptford High St project.  Achieving funding during austere times is very challenging and it is great news to have secured more investment into Deptford.

The funding will enable the regeneration of the northern end of the street to be aesthetically connected with the southern end that received earlier funding from the GLA’s Outer London Fund.  The public realm scheme will include:

  • Removal of street clutter
  • New drainage
  • New in ground power for the Saturday market
  • New paving
  • Three new trees
  • New street furniture
  • New CCTV camera
  • New street signs and Legible London signage midilith (by the station) and finger post
  • The continuation of the RPZ (Restricted Parking Zone) from the southern section into the northern section to replace the CPZ, the introduction of 4 taxi ranks and a dedicated disabled bay. 
  • We will also undertake some changes to the Giffin St junction with the High St to hopefully reduce the use of Deptford High St as a short cut.  Furthermore we hope to improve the zone around S.Pauls church and Crossfield St, however this is still subject to a Faculty approval with the church and Lewisham Planning Permission. 

We have separately procured a lighting artist to create some lighting to Deptford Bridge.  We are very excited to have appointed Peter Freeman to work with Urbis Schreber to undertake this for us.  Peter is very familiar with Deptford having studied art at Goldsmiths College and has produced some amazing lighting art during his long career I have attached a link below so that you can peruse some of his incredible work.

Peter is going to undertake some community engagement as part of his commission.  We have yet to establish whether the lighting would be attached to the front or installed under the bridge as this will be subject to approvals with Network Rail, Peter’s design and of course, further planning consent.

A  Q & A sheet will be issued shortly and further information posted on the consultation portal about: ‘What you Said, What we did’.  The design team tried very hard to incorporate all of the elements that stakeholders raised,  particularly around reducing the rat run.   Another local drop in session will be held over an afternoon and evening in January 2017 to enable stakeholders to come and talk to the contractor, consultants and myself as the Council’s Project  Manager.  We will also  provide notice to shops and market traders.  I shall let you know when this is scheduled.

A very good contractor is appointed and ready to go: JB Riney.  JB Riney successfully carried out a very large regeneration project to Sydenham High St some years ago and are very experienced highways contractors who have worked in several market streets (including Whitechapel  Market) and have worked around historical buildings. 

We have already met with the JB Riney team and internal stakeholders with the intention to have works on site in early February 2016.

CRA meeting notes – 11 December 2016

Hi all,

Here are the notes taken during the last CRA meeting.

There is also an audio recording of the meeting available.  If you would like access, please email us.

Crossfields RA 11 December 2016 meeting minutes

Meeting opened at 11am, closed at 12:05pm


Residents: RM, KC (IC, AC) CS, RDO


  • The meeting is being recorded, to upload to the crossfielders website for anyone who would like to listen
  • 1 hour max for this meeting

RM – (needs to leave early so starts the discussion) The CRA should uphold diversity and inclusiveness, which it is not doing – not everyone has internet access.  Some people are unable to contact CRA. We have left behind all people who are not on the internet. Don’t have access to the key, health and safety.  There was an alarm that was going off, needed the internet to contact us. People are unable to contact us to rent the PP.
(discussion about ways of including people without internet access)
RC – there is a person interested in looking after the PP.  People can come to the meetings.
RM – people want help but don’t come to the meetings.  This is not a new problem. Councillors, same things, they give their phone number.
RC – we will work something out.
MK – we are not happy to give our private telephone numbers. We don’t have an alternative phone number.
RM – this is the first time officers have not given their private number.
JP – this is how things work now, people do not want to share private details.
CS – can they use post box on PP? Prompt people to use it.
RM – could have a CRA mobile.  Could have a sim or PAYG mobile.

Financial update by Maggi

  • Two bank accounts, PP account, CRA account – rent goes in
  • Account balances stated
    • RM – accounts were to be joined, but there are still two.  Why?
    • MK – I have no access to PP account.  RM has access. LH wants total sum, they don’t mind if there are two accounts.
    • RM – PP account will cease to exist.
    • MK – access hasn’t been passed over.
    • RDO – did sign something at the bank

Updates from last meeting

  • Meeting notes from the last meeting are available on the crossfields website
  • Pink Palace
    • Wifi?
      • RC – We’re looking into it.  It’s feasible.
      • RDO – I would like access, but we are only one group.  What is the cost?
    • Browne House resident who might be interested in using PP.  Contact details?
      • MK – wrote to the person in BH who had used the PP before but did not have a response.
  • Redevelopment of Tidemill
    • MK to give short update
      • Meetings with Deptford Neighbourhood Access (Reginald Road, Frankham House, School, playing field and garden), councillors, Jeff Endea, Susanne White, have written to them stating why we are still unhappy.  4 points  – right to light, green space, invested in Reginald Road but want to knock it down. Developers have not made any concessions.  Lots of meetings and discussions are ongoing.  Sherry Green housing is not helpful. Councillors Paul Maslin and Brenda Dacres are on board.  Len DuVal is also very supportive.  Need more help from Frankham residents
      • RM – Green spaces near the estate, also need to be discussed
    • Bulletin boards
      • Installed and being used
      • CRA to add contact info on boards
  • Rubbish and recycling
    • TRA to request a marketing campaign to explain recycling bin procedures
    • TRA to ask LH/LC about adding a new rubbish bin next to recycling, in order to contain rubbish left next to recycling bins
      • LH is still investigating
      • Might have to go back to Lewisham Council ourselves
      • Draft poster passed around
      • RM – need to say no to food waste.
      • CRA – will take this up again
      • RM – very bad near the PP.  Eyesore. Need to enclose the area.
      • RDO – fly tipping as well.
      • RM – near Browne and PP both bad areas for fly tipping
      • MK – we are in contact with them regularly, things have improved.
    • Feedback on walkabout from MK, RC
      • Walkabout arranged to discuss possible new location
  • Parking on the estate
    • Joanne Burke from LH discussed with RC via phone, will provide more info in the new year
      • RC update:
        • LH has been contacted by residents who are concerned about parking
        • Two options – warden comes around looking for poor parking practices, comes around 2 times a day to check nothing is being obstructed, boxed in, etc.  But will not tackle residents parking problems
        • Cost is £12 per year.  Any residents would have to register if they have a car or visitors using a car.  Residents only, but will confirm
        • RM – need to survey, residents have said no in the past
        • MK – 1000 new residents in the area makes a difference
        • CS – previous surveys did not have all the information.
        • RC – LH do not want to survey.
        • JP – spend a lot of time on surveys but get low response
        • RC – LH want to have it implemented by January, when people are starting to populate new builds.
        • RM – new angle – we pay for our roads, so why are we paying extra for out parking?  It is LH premises. We all pay in our service charge. Organise between ourselves.
        • CS – time element – need to get it sorted fast and the cost is not huge
        • MK – guest passes are cheap as well
        • CRA – to survey residents.  CS to help door to door.

Bougouyne / Faircharm update

CRA met with site manager Vincent Raymond. There are still ongoing issues

  • MK – Not everyone gets newsletter. CRA gets email newsletter now.
  • CS – Southern electricity turned up at 8am today (last Sunday at 7:15am)
  • MK – VR doesn’t take ownership of all issues, blames other companies
  • CS – problems add up and are very inconvenient.
  • MK – still lots of lorries, blocking of roads, gas and electric will come and should not cause disruption but they do.  LC gives permission.  Noise and dirt is not exceeding the legal limits.
  • CS – it’s relentless.  Busy early in the week.
  • Workmen drinking alcohol on the estate on their breaks

Changes in the constitution

MK – there are changes, including sub-tenants holding office and voting rights are spread over a larger catchment area

  • Responses to the proposed changes from the stage 1 consultation are required by 6th January 2017.
    • RM – what is the catchment area? Need to find out. Also, can they vote in more than one RA meeting or group? Member of the panels saw it ages ago
    • CRA asked attendees to respond by end of December
    • CRA to feed back to LH by 6 January 2017

Major works

  • Organise meeting or walk about re: major works
    • Block reps unresponsive re: meeting with LH to discuss major works
    • MK – gone quiet, Mark Agnew has left
    • RM – 95% tenants are satisfied with the works according to the LH annual report
  • Stairs
    • CRA to ask LH for update on work to the stairs
    • JP – they did an acid clean test, but then they forgot about us
    • RC – the stairs are slippery
    • RM – cleaning is not the problem, it’s maintenance.  One bucket of water is not good enough.
  • Browne House drains
    • Thames Water need more documentation from LH, and have had no response at all from LH.  JP has been chasing this for months, if not a year.  TW contacting JP to ask for help.
    • CRA to ask LH for official update and documents
    • JP – ownership is still in dispute. Colin Dawes has not been responsive.
    • RM – saw some of the works that have been done, added a sort of pipe envelope to the broken ones.  Is it durable?

Bus stops on Deptford Church Street

  • Back to normal, MK discussed at Tideway Tunnel meeting and walkabout
  • MK – It could happen again. TFL will not provide more than a temporary bus stop for works that last less than 12 months.

Grounds maintenance

  • Intermittent, inadequate, not enough time spent at Crossfields to do a proper job
    • CRA to take forward with LH
  • Shrubs across the estate looking poor, untidy, neglected
    • CRA have discussed a planting project to replace shrubs with fruiting trees.  Fruit trees near railway arches are very popular. Would need funding
    • CRA to take forward with LH

Crossfields Green

  • Master planners are working on ideas for Crossfields Green (where the new super sewer is to be built)
  • Residents can send their ideas directly to the council at the website below:
  • More ideas and info at the website below:
  • RM – Reported that we should find a designated area for dogs. Holden has awful dog mess.
  • MK – there are signs up, but they don’t work.
  • RM – entrance to green by fence, fence off along the whole length of the fence for dogs.
  • MK – don’t need special bins, they can use the normal bins.
  • RC – could improve the area.  Need to come with ideas.  We wanted another green for this, but it’s far from some blocks. Perhaps an area near each block.
  • RC – email to me, I am interested.  Any examples as well,  I will take forward.


RDO – what is happening with the cycle huts?
MK – we have two hangars
RM – we have two, but we don’t just get them.  We need to contact them if we want more.
RDO – what are they doing about the music club garage?  Leaking. Next to the garage.
RM – had it as a meeting room for TRA in the 1970s.
RDO – roof is collapsing.
MK – is it part of the new development?
RDO – no, it’s part of the conservation area and it’s on this side of the estate.
MK – can we use it?  Can we have it?  What about the garage?
RDO – someone bought it a long time ago, so I’ve heard.
MK – heard someone has a key and is using for storage.
Meeting closed.