Meeting agenda, Feb 21 @11am

Here is a list of points we plan to cover at tomorrow’s meeting:



  • Introduce TRA committee
  • The meeting is being recorded, to upload to the crossfielders website for anyone who would like to listen
  • Trying to stick to 1 hour/1.5 hours max for this meeting
  • Financial update 
  • New website,, will post info that comes via the TRA 

Pink Palace

  • How it’s going
  • what needs to be done
    • agree what types of activities the PP can accommodate
    • advertise via a new website, leaflets, marketing campaign
    • cleaning regime
    • new furniture
  • how people can get involved
    • building manager?
    • cleaning rota?
    • marketing expert? 

Damp in Wilshaw House 

  • Update from Lewisham Homes
  • are there other people experiencing damp?
  • contact details for LH repairs

Building works around the estate 

  • Sun Wharf
  • Redevelopment of Tidemill
  • Faircharm redevelopment
    • post box is back, thanks to Sue
    • noise problems?
  • Tideway Tunnel 

Rubbish and recycling

  • recycling bin contamination
    • update on contamination problems
    • possible campaign to explain procedures, i.e. no black bin bags
  • update on relocation of recycling bins at entrance to estate from Deptford Church Street
  • problem with fly tipping near Pink Palace
    • can the recycling bins be relocated to discourage fly tipping?
    • can the area near the PP be redeveloped to discourage fly tipping and provide a nicer environment for PP? 

Parking on the estate

  • New controlled parking area north of the train station, which could affect parking on the Estate
  • How do people feel about parking provision on Crossfield?
  • Do we need another consultation?
  • Controlled parking
    • what are the benefits?
    • how much will it cost? 

Grounds and gardening

  • New grounds maintenance contract and team, 10 day rota, contact LH re: any gardening issues that need rectifying
  • A resident would like to start a group (or join an existing one) to garden on areas across the estate
    • working with the new grounds maintenance team
    • is there money available?
    • would anyone else like to get involved? 



Gardening and grounds maintenance across the estate

We’ve had some info through regarding the recent changes in grounds maintenance across the estate, from Ian Fleming, Grounds Maintenance Supervisor:

…as you know in October 2015 the Grounds Maintenance contract has gone over to Lewisham Homes from Glendale (contractors). I have been appointed as Grounds Maintenance supervisor in the areas of Forest Hill and Deptford. As such I am responsible for all that concerns Grounds Maintenance.

Our gardeners are now on a ten day rota system covering all sites in their remit, with two teams in each area, the ten day rota system allows us to make sure each site is visited on a regular basis, please contact with any concerns in your area and we can let the gardeners know of any problem before their next visit. Allowing them to concentrate on that before the regular work takes place.

As you may be already aware Lewisham homes has set up a gardening competition called “Grow Lewisham” please look at the Lewisham Homes Facebook page for details, and recommend any entries, the judging will take place in July.

A resident would also like to get a group together to do some gardening around the estate, his post below:

I would be really interested in teaming up with anybody who fancies doing a bit of gardening around the estate. It seems to me that it would be a simple job to plant some attractive flowers, bushes or trees even. I know that people have done this before but I would like to get involved with or start a small group to do this. It would obviously need the council contractor’s agreement and it would be great if we could rope them into help. Plus we’d need a bit of cash. But first stage, I guess, is just to see if other people would be interested in getting involved. Is anyone up for it or is there a group already?

Are there any other residents who would like to get involved?  Please post below.