February Meeting

Sun 21 Feb 2016
At The Pink Palace, Frankham House

Come have a croissant and a coffee with other Crossfielders at our next meeting.

We plan to discuss the Pink Palace – how it works, who it’s for and how we can make use of it.  We need your feedback, your ideas, and your involvement!

Do you have any issues you’d like to discuss?
Email us or add a comment to this post.



February meeting poster (1)


One thought on “February Meeting

  1. I would be really interested in teaming up with anybody who fancies doing a bit of gardening around the estate. It seems to me that it would be a simple job to plant some attractive flowers, bushes or trees even. I know that people have done this before but I would like to get involved with or start a small group to do this. It would obviously need the council contractor’s agreement and it would be great if we could rope them into help. Plus we’d need a bit of cash. But first stage, I guess, is just to see if other people would be interested in getting involved. Is anyone up for it or is there a group already?


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