TRA Meeting notes – Feb 21 2016

Hi all,

Here are the notes taken during the last TRA meeting.

There is also an audio recording of the meeting available.  If you would like access, please email us.


Crossfield TRA Feb 21 2016 meeting

Meeting opened at 11:10am, closed at 1pm.






Financial update by MK

  • Sums in the bank accounts as at the beginning of Feb were stated
  • No grant funding available due to amounts in two accounts
  • RM – LH were keen to combine accounts, we should keep them separate to allow access to grants
  • MK – PP is running at a loss
  • RM – Casual hiring, some cash comes in for that
  • SL – how do we decide to combine accounts or not
    • TRA to decide
  • RC – charity status?

New website,

  • will post info that comes via the TRA
    • RM – useful, but not everyone has access to the internet or to a computer
    • V – Can we have a newsletter or flyer posted to all residents?
    • RM – ongoing issue of communicating information to residents
    • JP – Thinking of adding bulletin boards to each stairwell
      • Job – remove any remaining old bulletin boards, install new ones
      • KC– would they for residents use only?
      • they would be open to all
      • TRA to seek approval from LH, investigate costs and install bulletin boards in each stairwell

Pink Palace

  • How it’s going
    • very few rentals
    • confusing message about how people can use it
    • limited in its use – no noise, limited hours
      • RM – difficult to use as the space is small
      • V – noise is an issue, inconsiderate users, time limit is needed, early Sunday morning rentals are not appreciated. Should it be only for open events for residents?  Should private events be allowed?
    • RC – What is the PP for?
      • Residents are not sure about it, even where it is
      • RM – computer classes used to run here, need to buy computer equipment
      • RC – modernization is needed in the PP, wifi needed for computer classes
      • RM – will MITIE pay? Were to give £5000 but it didn’t happen, project was vetoed at the last minute
    • V – link up with other events? Film Festival? Deptford Lounge? There are lots of local arts organizations
  • what needs to be done
    • agree what types of activities the PP can accommodate
    • advertise via a new website, leaflets, marketing campaign
  • cleaning regime
    • need to either have a rota of volunteers or a paid cleaner
    • RM – people clean up after themselves, dust, etc is not cleaned, need to have enough funds to pay a cleaner
  • new furniture is needed
    • RM – blue furniture is new, community centres collect hand me downs, we have four tables, maybe 5
    • MK – Replace larger lounge chairs
  • how people can get involved
    • Hire a building manager?
      • RC – Should we hire a building manager, to market the space and get more hires?  Need to use it for community hire, but it also needs to make enough money to cover costs
      • V – can we get volunteers from the estate who have this expertise?
      • RM – we must refuse certain hires due to the nature of the space. We will have to pay tax if we make too much money, become a business
    • Further consultation and discussion needed re: Pink Palace.  TRA to discuss and take forward

Damp in Wilshaw House

  • Update re: flat in Wilshaw House experiencing severe damp problems
    • RM – they have started the repairs. LH repairs promised to come on the 1st of Feb, came on the 16th of Feb, Cllr Dromey is involved, the family struggled to get any help through LH. They closed off one room of their flat because it was uninhabitable.
      • V – the family have closed one room, have the family contacted environmental health?
      • RM – Environmental health have said they accepted the flat instead of being homeless
  • are there other people experiencing damp?
    • RM – A few residents have had damp problems, with surveyors coming to report, the corner flats are the worst affected.  The flats are designed to have an open fireplace, modern conditions are creating damp problems (double glazing, etc). All of the flats facing Deptford Church Street had secondary glazing installed and extractors as well.  Could the extractors be replaced or modernized?
    • V – blocked off our flue, got mould everywhere
    • Fireplaces – are we allowed to use them?
      • Wood burning is illegal but not smokeless fuel
      • NB – They come to your flat and they tell you it’s condensation.  We have to clean up ourselves.  They say it’s due to a ‘cold wall’, and don’t offer help.  Can she remove the extractor flue herself? She has them in 4 rooms.  They have been disconnected.  Do they have asbestos?
      • SL – this should have been dealt with by decent homes.
      • JP – I will ask about asbestos, we removed ours.
        • JP – as far as we are aware, there was no asbestos in our heating vents when we removed ours.
      • NB – she had to block hers up because black bits were coming into her room through the fan
      • SL – extractor filter in kitchens needed to be replaced, may be the problem
      • RM – issue of asbestos has been raised before, LH came and removed some, gas boiler flue had asbestos which were all removed for tenants but not leaseholders flat
      • TRA to ask LH for an official update re: severe damp problem in Wilshaw House
    • contact details for LH repairs

Building works around the estate

  • Sun Wharf
    • Share the proposals, poster
    • Consultation
      • All flats near Creekside will be affected
      • SL – They have the site but not planning permission
      • RM – we can affect and influence permission and have done in the past
  • Redevelopment of Tidemill
    • Share consultation info
    • RD – Someone from the Tidemill School delivered leaflets
    • V – next to school keepers cottage, two more years of building development, garden spaces, noise and dust, wild garden will get trashed
    • SL – council land and project
    • V – going to build within the footprint of the current building but a few stories higher.  There will be excavation, some houses on Reginald St will be demolished
    • RD – Caretakers house will be knocked down, which is full of asbestos
    • Deptford is having a massive influx of building works
    • SL – Frankham House is part of conservation area, but no statement re: Tidemill vs. Frankham and how it will be affected
    • RD – the building will be slanted which will not affect FH as much, they changed their plans because of concerns.  Also concerned about amount of cars parking. FH will also no longer have access to the garden. How will they stop residents from accessing the garden?  Wall?  This will create a ghetto.  The garden should be for the whole community. RD was told that we would have to contribute money to the upkeep of the gardens if we had access
    • We want to keep access to the garden
    • SL – Landscaping the green near the site for people to access, but a horrible patch of land for gardening.  There will be a meeting, people need to attend to voice concerns.  Planning committees don’t always read letters in advance, better to turn up to the meeting.  Some councillors are on our side, but some are going to be happy that new housing is being built
    • Need to circulate meeting info and contact info
      • TRA to add information re: above to website, contact SL for details
    • RM – need to keep the nature park.  Need to keep our green spaces.
    • Campaign to get our green spaces used
    • CN – Wants to use her green space as a storytellers area.  Space near Cremer, wanted to offer something other than gardens; an outdoor space with amphitheatre for performance, lots of fruit trees, foliage, berries.
      • CN to pass proposal to TRA, who will bring forward to various contacts
    • Bouygues might fund this?
    • V – use green spaces as performance area
  • Faircharm redevelopment
    • post box is back, thanks to SL
    • noise problems?
      • Weird smell coming from the site. Bitumen?
      • Vibrations across many blocks
      • SL – still lots of traffic queuing in the morning
    • Bellway/Kent wharf
      • NC – Lewisham didn’t care about parking because they wanted residents to get out of their cars

Rubbish and recycling

  • recycling bin contamination
    • campaign to explain procedures, i.e. no black bin bags
    • RM – procedures change all the time, i.e. what is allowed in bins is always changing
    • TRA to contact LH/LC, ask for a new campaign to explain what the bins actually take
      • leaflet all flats?
      • new stickers for bin?
      • JP – Can we have a large rubbish bin next to the recycle bins?
        • TRA to ask LH/LC about adding a new rubbish bin next to recycling
  • update on relocation of recycling bins at entrance to estate from Deptford Church Street
    • RM – had a walkabout, was all set to happen but there was no funding available.  Environment team may be a contact for funding
    • TRA to contact LH/LC for an update
  • problem with fly tipping near Pink Palace
    • can the recycling bins be relocated to discourage fly tipping?
      • RM – There isn’t much room in the area, the residents had to give up a parking space to accommodate bicycle storage
    • can the area near the PP be redeveloped to discourage fly tipping and provide a nicer environment for PP?
      • TRA to follow up with LH/LC

Parking on the estate

  • SL says there is a new controlled parking area north of the train station, which could affect parking on the Estate
    • How do people feel about parking provision on Crossfield?
    • Do we need another consultation?
    • Controlled parking – what are the benefits? How much will it cost?
      • CN – has a car, in two minds about what to do.  What will be a the benefit?  Will have to pay out for parking when we don’t now
    • Frankham House is a special case – they are separated from the rest of the estate by a dual carriageway, and are near a controlled parking area
    • SL – finds it hard to park, costs were lower than people expected for permits but it would be inconvenient for visitors
    • Does TRA need to follow this up?

Grounds and gardening

  • New grounds maintenance contract and team, 10 day rota, contact LH re: any gardening issues that need rectifying
  • A resident would like to start a group (or join an existing one) to garden on areas across the estate
    • working with the new grounds maintenance team
    • is there money available?
    • would anyone else like to get involved?
      • RM – there is a bunker on the estate, can we use it as a feature?  Can we have a roof garden?
      • V – Can we get a preservation order?
      • Can we access it/use it/preserve it?
      • It’s part of the conservation area
      • We need to preserve as many of our green spaces as we can
      • Would local historians be interested?
      • Does TRA need to follow this up?


Website and wifi

  • Sponsorship?
    • V – approach local businesses, Asda, Tesco, Sainsburys?
    • Bougyues – have asked about supporting community projects
    • MITIE – they have funded other projects
    • Tidemill redevelopment are due to compensate us for the problems of building
      • Might fund some refurbs to the PP
      • TRA to discuss and follow up

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