What we’re working on

Hi all,

Here is a list of the action points from the meeting on Feb 21st 2016 and a few other projects that we, the Crossfields TRA, are working on. We will keep you updated on our progress.

Communicating with residents

  • Installing bulletin boards to all stairwells in each block
    • Seek approval from Lewisham Homes
    • Investigate costs
    • Install

Pink Palace

  • Further consultation and discussion needed
  • What is the PP for?
  • Residents are not sure about it, even where it is
  • modernization is needed
    • wifi?
    • TRA to approach local businesses, plus Bougyues, MITIE, Tidemill redevelopment team for funding
  • agree what types of activities the PP can accommodate
  • advertise via a new website, leaflets, marketing campaign
  • cleaning regime
  • new furniture is needed
  • Hire a building manager?

Damp problem

  • Update from LH about the severe damp problem in Wilshaw House

Building works around the estate

  • TRA to circulate information regarding development projects around the estate
    • Sun Wharf
    • Redevelopment of Tidemill
    • Faircharm redevelopment
    • Bellway/Kent wharf

Rubbish and recycling

  • Request new campaign to explain rubbish and recycling procedures, i.e. no black bin bags in recycling bins
  • TRA to ask LH/LC about adding a new rubbish bin next to recycling
  • TRA to ask LH/LC for an update on relocation of recycling bins at entrance to estate from Deptford Church Street and in front of Pink Palace

Parking on the estate

  • Canvas opinion about parking provision on Crossfields

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