Meeting agenda, 30 June 2016 @ 7pm

Here is a list of points we plan to cover at the next meeting:


  • Introduce Committee members
  • Introduce EF, Crossfields Housing Officer, Lewisham Homes
  • The meeting is being recorded, to upload to the crossfielders website for anyone who would like to listen
  • Aim to finish in 1 hour/1.5 hours max

Financial update by MK, Treasurer

Updates from last meeting

  • Meeting notes from the last meeting are available on the crossfields website
  • Pink Palace
    • Further consultation and discussion needed re: Pink Palace.  TRA to discuss and take forward
      • Need volunteers to take on PP as a project
      • Many issues with space make renting difficult
      • Advice from LH?
      • Would we be able to apply for an apprentice or student to assist?
  • Damp in Wilshaw House
    • LH to provide official update re: severe damp problem in Wilshaw House
      • Received email from LH, to discuss
  • Redevelopment of Tidemill
    • TRA to share info
      • Posters circulated
      • Possible funding available from compensation
  • Bulletin boards
    • TRA to seek approval from LH, investigate costs and install bulletin boards in each stairwell
      • Walkabout scheduled to get final approval for bulletin board installation
      • Proving more difficult to arrange than we thought
  • Rubbish and recycling
    • TRA to request a marketing campaign to explain recycling bin procedures
      • Discuss response from LH
    • TRA to ask LH/LC about adding a new rubbish bin next to recycling, in order to contain rubbish left next to recycling bins
      • Response from LH – have health and safety concerns
      • Walkabout arranged to discuss possible new location
  • Parking on the estate
    • LH have asked that we bring this up again
    • TRA to set up an online poll to gauge opinion on parking across the estate?

New points to discuss

  • Poor communication with LH
    • Months of emails and a complaint to get any sort of helpful response
    • Lack of response meant this meeting had to be pushed back
    • Discuss moving forward with better communication
    • Need clarity on what the TRA is expected to do and what responsibilities our Housing Officer has
    • Need a timeline for responses to the TRA resulting from any enquiries
  • Crossfields Summer Picnic
    • Date – one Saturday in August
    • 12-4pm
    • Picnic – food, games, music
      • Any suggestions for catering?
      • Anyone willing to offer their services?
      • Food
      • Ideas and volunteers welcome!
  • Major works
    • Would residents be interested in a meeting dedicated to major works?
      • Contacted DP, Final Accounts at LH to ask if he will meet with us
  • Bus stops on Deptford Church Street
    • Temporary bus stops, due to be in use for ~52 weeks
    • No seating or shelter
    • LH or LC?



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