Calling all block reps! Have your say on major works

Calling all block reps!  David Pritchard, Final Accounts at Lewisham Homes, has agreed to meet with block reps on site to discuss and photograph defects arising from the major works project.

Congers, Farrer and Finch still need reps.

This will be a good opportunity to point out areas that have been badly done, are still in need of work, or weren’t done but are on our estimates.  We can argue for reductions in the bills.  Please get in touch if you would like to be a block rep or, if you are a rep, to organise a date to meet David. If you would like to get in touch with your block rep, let us know and we can provide their details.


Response submitted, the old Tidemill School development plan

Maggi and Sue, on behalf of the estate, have sent a response regarding the old Tidemill School to Strategic Planning at Lewisham Council. You can read a previous post about the development here. The response, which you can read here, focuses on the negative impact that the development will have on Frankham House residents and they have suggested alternative ideas to lessen the negative impact.

Lewisham Council has acknowledged the response and will advise at which Strategic Planning meeting the development will be discussed. When we know the date we will share it with all residents.

CRA Meeting notes – 30 June 2016

Hi all,

Here are the notes taken during the last CRA meeting.

There is also an audio recording of the meeting available.  If you would like access, please email us.

Crossfields Residents Association (CRA)
Meeting, 30 June 2016

Meeting opened at 19:08pm, closed at 20:48pm.

Lewisham Homes (LH): EF
Lewisham Tenants Fund (LTF): GB, JB
Residents: SL, VK, RM, RJ, BC
Apologies: NB, RB, JD


  • EF – Crossfields Housing Officer, Lewisham Homes
  • GB – Lewisham Tenants Fund
  • JB – Consultant, working with LTF
  • The meeting is being recorded for anyone who would like to listen

RM – Minutes of last meeting printed?  Many people have asked for hard copies.  We need to look after residents who are not on the internet. Who are the officers?  Notice boards need to be updated with TRA officer details. People do not want to share private details with the whole group via email.
GB – they can contact their housing officer
RM – meetings are too few
EF – they can come to us.  These meetings are not for that purpose
RM – they are not happy with responses, they feel they have no access
SL – were there notices up for this meeting?
RM – need more notice about meetings.  We need notice boards.
MK – this is in hand.  Walkabout arranged to discuss with LH team, waiting for the ok, for the boards. TRA to fund and arrange.
SL – LH should have provided these
RM – all were removed during major works.
MK – boards will not be lockable
RM – need info posted on Pink Palace doors about meetings
RC – PP doors remote for most residents, unless you walk by

Financial update by MK

    • Year ending 2015 accounts were circulated and discussed
    • Total income stated
    • Grant income stated and discussed
      • CRA to make available to any who are interested via email
    • Gardeners have been advised that there are some funds remaining, they will use to upgrade equipment
    • Thank you to BC for her previous work as treasurer

SL – Plan to merge two accounts?
MK – after last meeting, decided not to merge accounts. All income is now paid into the TRA account and bills for the running of the PP are aid from the PP account.
GB – either separate or merged accounts is ok.

Updates from last meeting

  • Meeting notes from the last meeting are available on the crossfields website
  • Pink Palace
    • Further consultation and discussion needed re: Pink Palace.  CRA to discuss and take forward
    • Need volunteers to take on PP as a project
    • Many issues with space make renting difficult
      • RC – Wifi?
      • MK – small space, which limits use
      • GB – it’s very cheap, we should pick up more rentals.  Should add details to LC website
        • CRA to investigate
      • JP – we need more help with PP (volunteers) in order to get it up and running properly
      • RM – we had too much to do when there were more of us.  PP committee.  More support, more people.
      • GB – need to get back to block reps
      • MK – used for meetings, Italian classes, Church groups
      • RM – there is another potential user, tidemill teacher, asked to leave the building and may be looking for a new premises, to teach, not sure exactly what.  CL in Browne House, can approach her, may need it a few times a week.
        • CRA to investigate
  • Damp in Wilshaw House
    • LH to provide official update re: severe damp problem in Wilshaw House
    • Response from LH:
      • ‘We’ve spoken to the resident and can confirm this matter has been resolved.’
      • ‘We generally do not discuss these in an open forum such as a TRA but we would be happy to discuss any individual issues outside of the meeting’
    • RM – the problem has resurfaced and is worse.  The residents are not sure what to do about this, would like to further discuss
    • EF – spoke to resident, had appointment scheduled.  Please bring to LH for attention.
    • RM – would not like to discuss at this meeting
  • Redevelopment of Tidemill
    • TRA to share info
      • Posters circulated
      • Possible funding available from compensation
    • SL – Frankham residents will be affected by the loss of light.  If residents want to claim they will need to work together.  Claims could be lessened because of LC actions
    • RJ – what happened to the lawn?
    • SL – part of the development, will be site compound, plus block will be built eventually.  4 story extension to be built
    • RJ – what about houses in the back, Butt Lane?
    • MK – all going
    • SL – all developed. Reginald Road House, even numbers, to be demolished.  New development in Hales St residents not happy. Plans heard soon by planning committee
    • RJ – consultation happened?
    • SL – yes, but not really much of a consultation.  Was in Deptford Lounge.  People can still write to object until the planning committee meeting.  Guardians are now gone, but more will come in. Frankham residents are not responsive.
    • MK – event a few weekends back, Tidemill gardens, people signing petitions and lots of attendees.
    • SL – some engaged Frankham residents knocking on doors. Hoardings up, lorries, noise, mess.  If the application is considered next Thursday, we’ll need people there.
  • Bulletin boards
    • TRA to seek approval from LH, investigate costs and install bulletin boards in each stairwell
      • Walkabout scheduled to get final approval for bulletin board installation
      • Proving more difficult to arrange than we thought
      • (See above discussion)
  • Rubbish and recycling
    • campaign to explain procedures, i.e. no black bin bags
    • procedures change all the time, i.e. what is allowed in bins is always changing
      • TRA to request a marketing campaign to explain recycling bin procedures
      • Response from LH:
        • Please be aware the Recycling bins on Crossfield’s Estate are managed by Lewisham Council, we are currently updating our information leaflets about the service and their contact details. When this information is available we will let you know
        • In the meantime I can confirm residents can recycle, cartons, mixed paper, and card, household plastic packaging, household metal packages, textiles and mixed glass (bottles and jars). Please see attached picture of the Recycling bins at Crossfield’s Estate advising residents of what can be recycled (attached pic of one of our own bins)
      • MK – walkabout planned, we can bring this up again
      • GB – fly tipping in front of PP, who cleans that up?
      • MK – services have changed from LC to LH, service is much better.
      • GB – there is some clothing removed from the bins. Has LH taken it out?
      • RM – different companies take different things, unclear what is currently collected
      • JP – we need to ask LC again to provide a proper campaign
        • CRA to discuss with EF/LH and LC
      • TRA to ask LH/LC about adding a new rubbish bin next to recycling, in order to contain rubbish left next to recycling bins
        • Response from LH:
          • We are unable to put a new bin besides the recycling bins this is to avoid the bins from contamination.
      • JP – we will take this up again
        • CRA to follow up on walkabout
      • RM – not everyone speaks english, need good clear language and photos. We need an enclosure
      • RJ – fly tipping is a problem
      • RM – we caught a fly tipper, waited to see if they were a resident, was only going to the gym, parked on estate too.  LC did nothing when it was reported to them.  What can we do?
        • CRA to discuss and follow up.  Signage?
    • update on relocation of recycling bins at entrance to estate from Deptford Church Street
      • LH have health and safety concerns
      • Walkabout arranged to discuss possible new location
      • JP – will discuss at the walkabout
        • CRA to discuss at walkabout
  • Parking on the estate
    • LH have asked that we bring this up again
    • TRA to set up an online poll to gauge opinion on parking across the estate?
      • MK – why has LH asked for this to be brought up again?
      • EF – People have called her asking about parking, and there are a lot of new homes being built without adequate parking
      • MK – we know of some local businesses parking here
      • EF – coming from me, not sure if it was explained in the past when residents were canvassed, use a company called Ace.
      • SL – how much?
      • MK – how does it work for visitors?
      • EF – to check the process before any survey, to provide more information
      • SL – parking prices are high in the area
      • BC – Frankham House a sign is up, should say ‘Frankham House Residents only’, would help
      • RJ – council will come and check if they live here.  Used to go into the office to complain.  LC treated cars as abandoned if they were not owned by residents
      • RM – would pay for a space just for visitors.  LC checks were for unlicensed vehicles.
      • SL – restricted parking near Laban been introduced
      • RM – Crossfield residents parking provides parking for the whole area. We need our spaces in the evening only
      • RJ – deliveries come in the day
      • RM – bay for green services near Holden marked as no parking, people still park there
        • CRA to discuss, survey residents and liaise with EF/LH

New points to discuss

  • Poor communication with LH
    • Months of emails and a complaint to get any sort of helpful response
    • Lack of response meant this meeting had to be pushed back
    • Discuss moving forward with better communication
    • Need clarity on what the TRA is expected to do and what responsibilities our Housing Officer has
    • Need a timeline for responses to the TRA resulting from any enquiries
      • Response from LH:
        • ‘I can confirm [your housing officer] is your first point of contact and any matters raised should initially be handled by [your housing officer]. It’s [your housing officer]’s responsibility to lead on your enquiries and provide you with an update. If the enquiry relates to another department, [your housing officer] will relay the enquiry and in the event another department is unable to contact you,  [your housing officer] will provide you with an update.’
    • SL – do they have a policy about responding?
    • EF – 10 days is the response rate. I plan to improve our communications and I apologise for previous problems
  • Crossfields Summer Picnic
    • Suggested date of Saturday August 20
    • 12-4pm
    • Picnic – food, games, music
    • Food
      • Any suggestions for catering?
      • Anyone willing to offer their services?
      • Ideas and volunteers welcome!
    • RJ – waited till September for our last picnic.  Weather is often unreliable but we’ve had good luck for past events
    • SL – which area?
    • RC – green area near railway
    • SL – could link with local gardeners group
    • RM – first picnic had Squeeze, Dire Straits
    • MK – need to advertise date soon
    • SL – send a save the date email soon
    • RM – could organise another committee
    • RC – get info out about the meeting
    • JB – make sure it doesn’t clash with another local event
      • CRA to discuss date and confirm
  • Major works
    • Would residents be interested in a meeting dedicated to major works?
    • JP has contacted DP from LH Final Accounts, who has agreed to meet with the block reps in the first instance to gather information including photos, which will then be published online for all to comment on
      • CRA to contact all block reps to arrange
    • RC – next Monday, another walkabout to examine Wilshaw House.  He has some items already, will photograph more.
    • SL – only allowed one block rep during MITIE walkabouts, are they restrictive?
    • JP – MITIE were unhelpful and felt they were doing us a favour.  DP seems to be responsive and helpful
    • Discussion about tiles, still not done after two years
    • SL – GB and JB, are we the only ones complaining about major works?
    • GB – most are done now.
    • SL – are MITIE working on another (named) local estate?
    • GB – they don’t have a TRA
  • Bus stops on Deptford Church Street
    • Temporary bus stops, due to be in use for ~52 weeks
    • No seating or shelter
    • LH or LC?
      • RJ – won’t make a difference if we complain
      • SL – Tideway tunnel has caused this problem, have vast funding.
      • Who to contact? Local councillors? Transport for london? Tideway tunnel?
      • SL – local coucillor
        • CRA to discuss and take forward
  • Disposal of land at the corner of Deptford Church Street and Creekside‏
    • SL – Frankham and Cremer to be affected. LC agreed last night to sell to the Bluecroft MOT Company development.  LC let them have the land in some sort of shared use agreement, up to the allotments.  No consultation.  Might be some say in use as the land was not sold outright.  They could have left the land as is.  They might lease land to Bluecroft.  We can try to influence planning application because the plot of land is much larger now.  LC will want to make money from this.
    • RJ – Deptford station development went through.
    • EF – how are the allotments run? How is it used?
    • MK – people have individual plots
    • RM – let’s develop an allotment committee, for people to indicate when they would like to get involved
    • RC – bulletin boards will help
    • SL – developments around the estate – I live and work here and it’s awful at the moment.  So much building work, Faircharm in particular. We can’t affect it at this point.
    • MK – Bourgoyne, we approached but never heard back
    • SL – CN approached them and was told they’d never said they’d help
    • GB – councillors are in favour of building homes but it can help if you have their support
    • RJ – pressure to sell land
    • SL – lack of information around planning and consultation.
    • RM – nature park, fought to keep it, Sue Godfrey lobbied the council to keep it going.  Conservation order, but means little.  Crossfields is very green and has many open areas.  We need to keep it that way
    • SL – Bellway Homes have their eye on the nature park
    • RM – try to annex the recent LC strip of land for the estate, but it’s too late
    • SL – trying to find out what’s happening about green areas, but we aren’t consulted
    • RJ – garden furniture, could have been good


VK – fireplaces – are we allowed to use them? LC were not helpful.
EC – we block them off because of radiators
JP – I’ve done some research, fireplaces are quite inefficient
VC – the new fires are very cheap and efficient
SL – I use mine, there is no reason not to
RJ – need to make sure they are working
EF – your lease should say
VC – lease does not say anything about fireplaces
RM – there is a chimney here in PP, blocked because of noise
VK – LC were very unhelpful
SL – flooding in a corner of one building, a redundant pipe was taking in water and hadn’t been removed.
RM – redundant pipes were not removed.  Problems caused, they were not disconnected.
SL – is this the case with all blocks?
RJ – pipes from the tank and the mains

Cycle route
RM – work has been done on Bronze Street, so route should change.  We should change signs, but they said no. Bronze St is the preferred and agreed route. Pedestrian and cycle route, take us out of the map.  Signs direct people to Bronze St.  It is very busy, and chaotic.
JP – issue is, cycle route is through a pedestrian area and is dangerous for pedestrians and children in particular. There is a preferred route but it’s not advised through signage
RM – tried to confirm, but signage is still up.  Can provide contact details of people involved.  It might still be the best route, Church Street will have to be clear before we bring it up again.  Please dismount sign may help. Details are from LC.
CRA to discuss and take forward

Meeting closed.