TfL funding secured for Deptford High Street

The CRA received a letter from Lewisham Council about some funding that has been granted which we’d like to share with you:

On 1 December TfL gave the go-ahead for the Deptford High St project.  Achieving funding during austere times is very challenging and it is great news to have secured more investment into Deptford.

The funding will enable the regeneration of the northern end of the street to be aesthetically connected with the southern end that received earlier funding from the GLA’s Outer London Fund.  The public realm scheme will include:

  • Removal of street clutter
  • New drainage
  • New in ground power for the Saturday market
  • New paving
  • Three new trees
  • New street furniture
  • New CCTV camera
  • New street signs and Legible London signage midilith (by the station) and finger post
  • The continuation of the RPZ (Restricted Parking Zone) from the southern section into the northern section to replace the CPZ, the introduction of 4 taxi ranks and a dedicated disabled bay. 
  • We will also undertake some changes to the Giffin St junction with the High St to hopefully reduce the use of Deptford High St as a short cut.  Furthermore we hope to improve the zone around S.Pauls church and Crossfield St, however this is still subject to a Faculty approval with the church and Lewisham Planning Permission. 

We have separately procured a lighting artist to create some lighting to Deptford Bridge.  We are very excited to have appointed Peter Freeman to work with Urbis Schreber to undertake this for us.  Peter is very familiar with Deptford having studied art at Goldsmiths College and has produced some amazing lighting art during his long career I have attached a link below so that you can peruse some of his incredible work.

Peter is going to undertake some community engagement as part of his commission.  We have yet to establish whether the lighting would be attached to the front or installed under the bridge as this will be subject to approvals with Network Rail, Peter’s design and of course, further planning consent.

A  Q & A sheet will be issued shortly and further information posted on the consultation portal about: ‘What you Said, What we did’.  The design team tried very hard to incorporate all of the elements that stakeholders raised,  particularly around reducing the rat run.   Another local drop in session will be held over an afternoon and evening in January 2017 to enable stakeholders to come and talk to the contractor, consultants and myself as the Council’s Project  Manager.  We will also  provide notice to shops and market traders.  I shall let you know when this is scheduled.

A very good contractor is appointed and ready to go: JB Riney.  JB Riney successfully carried out a very large regeneration project to Sydenham High St some years ago and are very experienced highways contractors who have worked in several market streets (including Whitechapel  Market) and have worked around historical buildings. 

We have already met with the JB Riney team and internal stakeholders with the intention to have works on site in early February 2016.


Crossfields Green: your ideas are needed

Master planners are working on ideas for Crossfields Green (where the new super sewer is to be built). Residents can send their ideas directly to the council at the website below:

More ideas and info at the website below:


What we’re working on

Hi all,

Here is a list of the action points from the meeting on Feb 21st 2016 and a few other projects that we, the Crossfields TRA, are working on. We will keep you updated on our progress.

Communicating with residents

  • Installing bulletin boards to all stairwells in each block
    • Seek approval from Lewisham Homes
    • Investigate costs
    • Install

Pink Palace

  • Further consultation and discussion needed
  • What is the PP for?
  • Residents are not sure about it, even where it is
  • modernization is needed
    • wifi?
    • TRA to approach local businesses, plus Bougyues, MITIE, Tidemill redevelopment team for funding
  • agree what types of activities the PP can accommodate
  • advertise via a new website, leaflets, marketing campaign
  • cleaning regime
  • new furniture is needed
  • Hire a building manager?

Damp problem

  • Update from LH about the severe damp problem in Wilshaw House

Building works around the estate

  • TRA to circulate information regarding development projects around the estate
    • Sun Wharf
    • Redevelopment of Tidemill
    • Faircharm redevelopment
    • Bellway/Kent wharf

Rubbish and recycling

  • Request new campaign to explain rubbish and recycling procedures, i.e. no black bin bags in recycling bins
  • TRA to ask LH/LC about adding a new rubbish bin next to recycling
  • TRA to ask LH/LC for an update on relocation of recycling bins at entrance to estate from Deptford Church Street and in front of Pink Palace

Parking on the estate

  • Canvas opinion about parking provision on Crossfields